A Beautiful Shadow



The album was recorded from December 2002 - August 2003 in my recording engineer's apartment in Somerville, MA.   The bulk of the recording was done from January - April before I moved to San Francisco, CA to work for Macromedia.  There were some additional overdubs done in June and then I came back to Boston in August to do the final overdubs.   We mixed the record in September and returned to the studio in October to re-mix a few of the tracks.  It was mastered over two days in mid-December and the final master was created in January, 2004. The album was released independantly in August, 2004.  

This project actually began for me in August 2002.  I had just finished the first record with the band (Reflections) and it had been a year since my father's death.  I felt a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders that summer.  That's when I met the person who would be the catalyst for many of the songs on this record.  Our romance lasted only a month before she moved out west.

She was a beautiful shadow that passed through my life. A chance meeting that changed my life and my music. Life is a series of moments and often we can miss them if we aren’t paying attention.



produced by blue tree, mike ferreira and brian brown

recorded and engineered by mike ferreira and brian brown on pearl street, somerville, ma

mixed by brian brown at the moontower, cambridge, ma

mastered by dana white, specialized mastering, framingham, ma

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