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beautiful shadow
found (in the city)
palo alto
close the door
your old guitar



Partially inspired by a book of photos of Jeff Buckley by Merri Cyr. But it's mostly about a friend who moved away.

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beautiful shadow


you left a beautiful shadow

you lead and i follow,

no one else will ever know

the pain of letting you go.


maybe I'll move to memphis

and write another song about you

but I'm the only son

there was never any time for fun.


i don't want to miss a beat

while the rest of this world is asleep

but I lost my muse

so let's light the fuse.


everything has changed

she doesn't feel the same

everything has changed

everyone has someone else to blame.


was this all just a tease

i was so willing and eager to please

but you left that day

with only an echo and delay.


i awoke from a summer's dream

no one heard her scream

i need another fix

the next one will surely do the trick.



you left a beautiful shadow

you led and i followed.

Words and Music by Lawson Hancock


Blue Tree Music © 2000-04