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Water Under the Bridge
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It's a sketch of the highs and lows of my Dad's life. Ultimately it's about redemption and finding peace.

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Water Under the Bridge

Water under the bridge
    Carry me so high
Water under the bridge
    Taking me to the other side
Water under the bridge
    Rushing over me
Water under the bridge
    Carry me to the sea.

Oh to lose a father so young
When your life had just begun
And the price of war
It took your friends and more.

When you met your love
Warm light from above
The heavens smiled,
So you made her your wife
And she gave you so much new life.

Loyal to the end
You stood fast for your friends
But you paid the price,
Made that sacrifice
And all that was left
Were broken steps.

Oh but you found peace
In your family there was release,
And all these things time had washed away.

Words and Music by Lawson Hancock

Blue Tree Music © 2000-03