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This is about a high school friend I had a crush on who died accidentally before the start of her senior year. This song was my way of finally coming to terms with her death after all this time.


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The picture on the wall
From half a life away
Back when you were here
With nothing to fear
But yourself.

So you ran out of the car,
You'd had enough,
Now I'm trying to close
The door you opened,
These ashes are cold and gray
As I try to mold the clay.

Sweet one, I can never know
Beautiful one, I still feel your kiss
All this and more, I(we) missed.

Will the memories fade
Just like pictures in the light,
Are the colors not so bright
That animal instincts block you
From my sight,
But somewhere in the corners of my mind
I feel you reaching,
Some thoughts you're teaching
From half a life away.

Move on, Let go .

Words and Music by Lawson Hancock

Blue Tree Music © 2000-03