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This song has many meanings, but it's basically about the search for self and that it can't be found at the bottom of a glass.

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When will we love again
When will we touch again
Would you be my friend
When will I love.

Reflections in my glass
Watching the hours float past
Through the smoke and haze
Stumbling to another lost day.

I think it's time to fly.

When will I fall again
When will I trust again
When will I find a friend
When will we love...

Reflections off the wall
Unknown faces fill the hall
Drinking to never
I might sit here forever.

But don't let me slide.

When will we meet again
Would you forgive my sin
Could you be a friend
When will I love.

Reflections in her eyes
Give me reasons to hide
But something in her voice
Is leaving me no choice.

So find me a place inside.

Words and Music by Lawson Hancock

Blue Tree Music © 2000-03