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This is another song I started before my Dad's passing that suddenly took on a new meaning. It's about the things that happen to families after a significant loss. The message is one of forgiveness and love.

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Dear Olivia

Dear Olivia
I feel lost today
I watched a life slip away,
And I'm sorry for
The things I didn't say.

When I woke this morning
Everything was gray.
I looked at the clock
And had missed the day,
Just out of tune
And out of time.

I've been out drinking most every night
I keep moving in and out of the light,
I've been trying to find myself
By looking for someone else.

I stayed up the other night
Thinking 'bout what I said,
So much bitterness
Taking space inside my head.
Searching for a smile
To dry my tears for a while.

Olivia I'm sorry
I shouldn't have laid the blame
For things others did or didn't do,
Just like a book that was overdue
Those things don't matter
If our love is true,
I paid the devil, now I'm through.

Words and Music by Lawson Hancock

Blue Tree Music © 2000-03