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A phrase a friend of mine used to end our relationship. More generally it's about moving on .

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close the door


i'm so tired of this shit

i've had my fill of it,

so now you're out the door

close the door, close the door.


i know you're probably right

but what am i still doing here tonight,

and though nothing has happened

that you would have to regret

no regrets, oh regrets.


if everybody says goodbye

why should i even try?

i'm tired of feeling sorry for myself

i need to feel someone else

somebody else, somebody else.


you keep calling me up

when there is nothing left for us to discuss,

you're in-love with someone else

close the door, close the door.


you were just a reminder

of the one i already lost,

this is already dead

i'm listening for the bell to go off in my head

so go away, please go away.


so this is how the summer ends

without a lover or a friend

now i'm out the door

close the door, close the door.


Words and Music by Lawson Hancock



Blue Tree Music © 2000-04