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beautiful shadow
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This is a story about a guy sitting at a bar numbing his sorrows .

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this glass is empty so i should go

i'm sure you already know

i'm a man in pieces,

but i'd rather not let that show.


at the bottom of my glass

lies another hour that passed,

longing for fresh air

more cigarettes and booze

two choices where both of us lose.


i drank my last hope,

i never got the message

so i might as well let go

of the faint hope that is my rope.


come on now save me from being empty

i'm going crazy from feeling lonely

won't you please save me

and fill me up.


last call, no more alcohol

drinking to oblivion

it's what i've been living on

searching for a moment's peace

being numb is my only release.


i'm at the bottom now

i miss you and how,

is there a love

from somewhere up above

that will keep me whole,

maybe we could meet for tea.


so please save me from going home empty

this being lonely is making me crazy

oh please save me

from myself.


Words and Music by Lawson Hancock



Blue Tree Music © 2000-04