Fault Lines Reviews

Perfomer Magazine

No one will ever accuse Lawson Hancock and Blue Tree of not pushing their limits as artists in their latest album, Fault Lines. It’s as if they got together and said, “We need to give our fans something new, and we’re not going to settle for anything cliché or uninteresting.

" Love lost, tangled relationships and hope all carry through this album that is filled with well thought out metaphors and a roller coaster of emotions. The breadth in Fault Lines range from upbeat songs like “MacArthur Station” - where a short love affair is described as a “one hit wonder” - to haunting ballads such as “Who Sent You,” a song that gives the listener a sense of wonder and hope in the midst of desperation. The beautiful cello/horn intro to “Faded Rear View” gives us a refreshing reminder that each song on this album not only has a unique intro, but also a truly unique feel.

When the album starts out, it does taste a bit like another Coldplay knock-off, but Fault Lines is ultimately a much more personal story of Lawson Hancock and his introspective journey through life. Blue Tree takes the delicate aspect of the singer/songwriter and backs it up with the ambience and experimental nature of today’s alternative sound.

With a sound like that of Radiohead, Nick Drake and The Beatles all meeting for lunch in an outer space train station, Blue Tree is tastefully experimental, while using raw talent to craft thoughtful songs that everyone can enjoy.

- Dave Boodakian