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I wrote this about playing in Harvard Square on summer nights and watching all the beautiful girls walk by .

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found (in the city)


with so many beautiful girls in the city

there must be one out there for me,

and while i'm just sitting pretty

thinking she's singing a song to me.


i found out

about you

and what was true

i found.


the girl next to me is so pretty

i wonder if she'll even notice,

while i sit here glass half empty

that she looks right through to avoid talking to me.


i found out

about me

and how to be

i found me.


there are so many beautiful girls in this city

maybe i'll go out and find one for me,

meanwhile i'll just try and look pretty

hoping she'll sing a song

for me.


i found out

found…i found you.



Words and Music by Lawson Hancock



Blue Tree Music © 2000-04