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Lawson plays a Guild acoustic and a Fender Telecaster with D'Addario strings. He uses Boss pedals:TU-2 (tuner), TR-2(tremelo) and RV-3 (reverb/delay). He uses any Fender amp that's available or a Line6 PODxt. For live performances he uses Shure Beta mics (87A or 58B) and prefers a Neumann U87 in the studio (like who doesn't). Lawson also has a Korg MicroKorg and Casio keyboard, but would prefer a Yamaha grand piano.

Pete plays a Kurzweil PC88 and a Korg Triton keyboard along with a Fender Precision Lyte bass through a Fender BXR 300 Combo amp - sometimes played at the same time. Pete also uses Chock Full o' Nuts, Sauza Hornitos and Makers Mark.

Dave uses ancient Rogers drums, an ever-changing assortment of Zildjian cymbals found online and at yard sales, and Zildijian sticks or whatever is lying around in his rehearsal space. Though he prefers equipment older than himself, he will gladly accept endorsements from any company willing to give him new stuff for free.