Lawson's Diary: Jun 05


Sunday, June 12th

Boston, MA


I went to the last show of Pete's play 'Duplex' last night. It was an excellent show. The story follows two couples who live in a two-family house in Somerville, MA through various relationship trials and tribulations. It was both realistic and at times quite funny. Of course Pete is a pretty funny guy after all. The actors all turned in strong performances and of course the music was great. Dave also performed in the band with Pete.

I also saw some fellow musician friends at the show including Josh Tobin and Jason and Elizabeth (Blue Horizon). Congratulations to Jason and Elizabeth on getting married!

Now that the show has ended we are going to start band rehearsals this week in order to get ready for recording next month. We need some time to work on the new material before we join Brian Brown in the studio in Seattle.