Autumn Defense - 70s soft rock from members of Wilco

Blue Horizon - another blue band with great songs

The Cello Chix - girls on cello rule

Erin Dooley - what a beautiful voice

The Electrolux Combo - surf's up

Peter Fernandez - this man is a musical wizard

The Gentlemen - because they are

Sam Hooper - the man has soul

Danielle Miraglia - the blonde girl with the long hair
The Splendid Nobodies - roots rockin' dudes
Todd Thibaud - i wanna be that guy
Jeff Buckley - the best dead rock star around

Broken Social Scene - indie rock from the north

The Delays - UK rockers with lovely 60's melodies

Kathleen Edwards - alt country from Canada

The Flaming Lips - best damn live band ever

HEM - beautiful acoustic music

Harvey Danger - cool pop band from Seattle

Innocence Mission - moody sounds from PA

Nada Surf - melodic pop/rock with an edge

Studio22Design- Steve Smith, artist/graphic designer


Apple iTunes - got music?

Alarm Clock Theatre - lovely little b-town theatre company

BostonBands.com - because we are one (al least partially)
The Boston Phoenix - looking for live music in Boston?

Cafebeat.org - writers, beats, poets, etc.

Coverville.com - podcast featuring cover songs

KEXP.org - great place to discover new music

Myspace.com/bluetreeband - our myspace site

Newbury Comics - best indie music store in the USA

QDivision - great recording studio in Boston

The Stranger - looking for live music in Seattle?

Weather.com - where all the storms have taglines


Amnesty International - because we all need to be free

Cam Neely Foundation - cancer sucks, let's fight it

Indie Music for Life - musicians funding cancer research

Jin Shin Jyutsu - Japanese healing art
The Planetary Society - the future is in the stars

National Geographic - i love maps

Music for Life Alliance - kids need music as much as math

Looking for something else?

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