Blue Tree "Reflections"

To the Listener  

During the Summer of 2001 I decided to take some time off to begin work on a new record. The company I was with at the time, like so many others in the high-tech world, had fallen on hard times and was laying off much of its workforce. So it goes that In July I was let go. At the time I was thankful that I would have some time to focus on making music again. Unfortunately my plans would quickly change. Within days of being laid off my father was diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer. He died within a week of that diagnosis.

Over the course of the Summer and Fall I spent a lot of time back in Florida with family and friends. I did manage to get back to Boston in the Fall to begin some of the initial recordings for this project before returning to Florida for the holidays. While in Florida I continued to write and record demos of the songs to be included on the record. After returning to Boston in January, I went into the studio with David DeSimone (Winterboy) and Mike Leavey (Splendid Nobodies) and we recorded the album from February - May of 2002 at Fort Apache in Cambridge, MA with producer/engineer Brian Brown. The album was mixed over the spring and summer with the final mixes completed in July at Q Division almost exactly a year after my Dad's passing.  It was mastered in August and released in October.

Despite the personal loss associated with it, this is a record of healing and coming to terms with memories, past and present. Each of the songs are 'reflections' I saw along the way, from the prayer for my father's spirit (Let Us Hope and Pray) to the struggles and triumphs of his life (Water Under the Bridge). For my family, a message of forgiveness and love (Dear Olivia). There is also a tribute to a high school friend, Darby Saunders, who died accidentally in 1985 - you will be forever young and beautiful in my mind. I also included a cover of one of Jeff Buckley's unfinished songs (Jewel Box), which was left behind after his death in May, 1997 - no one could ever sing it better than you Jeff, but I tried to "add the colors" as best I could.

When we would talk my father would often ask me "How's the music going?" I'm not sure he completely understood why I would leave a successful career to pursue music, yet he was always supportive. He would sometimes also ask "So how are you going to make money at that?" Having grown up in the depression it was hard for him to relate to me not having a steady income, but I do know he never doubted me. Well Dad I still haven't figured it all out, but thanks to you I am on my way.

The following is a list of albums that influenced this record: Travis - The Invisible Band, Radiohead - The Bends, Sundays - Blind, Jeff Buckley - Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk