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10 December 2006: The Band has Started Mixing the New Album 'Fault Lines'

Lawson went into Orbit Audio in Seattle this weekend to begin mixing the new album with Brian Brown. The rest of the band will be participating "virtually" during the course of the next week. You can get the latest progress updates on Lawson's journal.

19 August 2006: Blue Tree Back in the Studio

The band went back in the studio to continue working on the next album tentatively titled "Fault Lines."  The band expects to finish recording the ablum this Fall and release it early in 2007.  You can follow the latest progress on Lawson's journal.

17 April 2006: Pete Finished the Boston Marathon

Pete finished the Boston Marathon today in 4 hours and 38 minutes.  He ran to raise money for the American Liver Foundation to help in their fight against liver diseases such as Hepatitis.  Pete has created a podcast called "The Marathon Minute" so you can follow how he trained for it and listen to a recap of the event. You can find it on iTunes or on Pete's website where you can also make a donation to the cause

10 January 2006: Lawson Relocates to Seattle, WA

Lawson has moved to Seattle, WA in order to continue to work on the next record with Brian Brown at his studio located in Ballard. "I really enjoyed being up here over the summer, so it was an easy decision to make", said Lawson.  "Plus being close to the studio will make it much easier for me to spend the time needed to finish the record without having to rush things." In the coming weeks Lawson will be working with Brian to put the finishing touches on the tracks recorded last year, while the rest of the band prepares to come back to Seattle to finish recording the remaining tracks in the spring.   You can keep up with how it's progressing on Lawson's journal page.

01 December 2005: 'Beautiful Shadow' music on iTunes

You can now purchase Blue Tree's latest album 'Beautiful Shadow' or individual album tracks on-line from Apple's iTunes music store.  From the iTunes client go to the music store and enter 'Blue Tree' in the search field in the upper right corner. If you don't have iTunes you can find it here.

9 November 2005: 'Beautiful Shadow' CD Available at

Blue Tree's latest CD 'Beautiful Shadow' is now available at in their independant music section which is powered by   Just click on the Bestbuy link above and enter 'Blue Tree' in  the search field.

19 October 2005: 'Palo Alto' Featured on Coverville Podcast

The song "Palo Alto" from Blue Tree's latest CD 'Beautiful Shadow' was featured on last night's episode of Coverville (episode 139).  You can subscribe to the Coverville podcast with iTunes (v4.9 or greater) or download it from

02 September  2005: Blue Tree Donates CD Profits to Red Cross

Blue Tree is donating profits from sales of  'Beautiful Shadow' on to the Red Cross for their relief efforts in New Orleans and the rest of the Gulf region impacted by hurricane Katrina.

05 August 2005: Blue Tree Wraps Up Initial Recording Sessions for New Album

Blue Tree finished the initial recording sessions for their next album.  Lawson commented, "This is probably the most fun we've had as band.  Going to Seattle to record for 2 weeks felt like summer camp."

23 July  2005: Blue Tree Begins Recording New Album in Seattle

Blue Tree has just gone into the studio to begin work on their next album.  It is being recorded in Seattle with Brian Brown who also worked on the band's previous recordings.

20 July  2005: Blue Tree Mourns the Passing of James Edward Fernquist (aka Redmoon Blackwater)

A long time friend of the band died this past week.  Redmoon worked on the original Blue Tree Project demo back in 1999-2000.  Click here to read Lawson's journal entry.

11 June  2005: 'Duplex' Last Show Tonight

Pete's musical 'Duplex' ends it's premiere run at the Boston Center for the Arts tonight at 8PM.

02 March  2005: 'Beautiful Shadow' CD Available at

The new CD is now available for purchase at  Click the link below to go to the store. Awarestore

01 March  2005: Northeast Performer Review

The current issue of Northeast Performer Magazine has a very positive review of 'Beautiful Shadow.' 

Click here to read the full review

12 January 2005: Beautiful Shadow Editor's Pick on CDBaby has rated 'Beautiful Shadow' one of it's top 5 Editor's Picks in the pop music category.

06 January 2005: Blue Tree to Perform at 'Music for Life' Cancer Benefit

Blue Tree will be performing at the 'Music for Life' cancer benefit to be held at The Burren in Somerville, MA on Sunday, March 6th. 

01 January 2005: Holiday Message & New 'Empty' Video

I wanted to thank all of you for your support of our music this past year and I hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday season. I also wanted to let you know a video for the song 'Empty' has arrived just in time for the holidays.  Click here to watch the video

This video was filmed by my friend Ryan in New Mexico last year. It features my friend Tom and his wife Sheila who also hosted us at their beautiful home in Las Cruces.

Happy New Year!

01 January 2005: Beautiful Shadow Album Poster Available

The artwork for 'Beautiful Shadow' was done by Steve Smith of Studio 22.  Feel free to print out the gig poster for your viewing pleasure. 

Click here to print/view the poster