Lawson's Diary: Jul 05


Wednesday, July 20

San Francisco, CA


I got the news today from my old friend Armond that his 24 year old son James Edward Fernquist's (aka Redmoon Blackwater) was found dead in a lake in Wisconsin this past weekend. My heart goes out to Armond, PJ and the rest of the Blackwater Tribe for their loss.

I worked closely with Jim on my original demo album back in 1999-2000. I learned a ton working with him and with his help and support I have continued to make music since then. If it wasn't for him and the rest of the Blackwater Tribe 'Blue Tree' would not exist.

Next week we will begin work on a new album tentatively titled 'Fault Lines' in Seattle. One of the songs we plan to record is a song called 'What It Could Be' that was on my original demo album. We will dedicate that song to Jim's memory and his spirit.

Rest in peace my friend,