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beautiful shadow
found (in the city)
palo alto
close the door
your old guitar



The title is a nickname of a town in New Mexico where a friend was living at the time I wrote this .

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i can still see your face

with your hand covering mine,

but i lost all track of the time

now you've gone, thank you, so long.


i'm not the same since you left

i've been hanging out with all my cronies,

but they're just drunks, has-beens and phonies

these days don't feel right since you slipped from my sight to...


silver, silver

she's so happy here

living between the sand and the stars.


so now that you've opened your heart to the big sky

is there still a space i could crawl inside

or maybe i'm not that special

and the feeling will disappear when the meaning appears in ...


silver …


oh come back,

martha won't you please come back for me

i keep searching abandoned mines

while this phone card is running out of time.


and when the conversation ends she says we'll talk again {someday} soon.

is that suppose to make me feel better

as if this distance could help me understand.


Words and Music by Lawson Hancock



Blue Tree Music © 2000-04