Soundcheck Magazine Review of 'Reflections'

Vocalist and acoustic guitarist Lawson Hancock and Blue Tree
have created some avant-garde music with Reflections. Incorporating
not just your standard musical instruments, Blue Tree
employ banjos, e-bows, bongos, and whatever else sounds like
it should be part of the track. Their music, while weighing
heavily on the acoustic palette, lends a somewhat trippy feel
akin to Pink Floyd. “Water Under The Bridge” opens “Reflections”
and while it seems to have an uplifting chordal structure,
Blue Tree manages to employ a hint of darkness to this
track in their melodic ideas. “Gwen” would have been better
off left on the studio shelves as it displays a sense of corniness
with its lyric “Gwen, just say when.” However, an enticing guitar
solo from Mike Leavey does warrant the attraction of some
attention to this track. “Reflections,” an acoustic track all the
way through, delivers quite a haunting melody for its hook an
element that is the forte of this CD. Blue Tree really outdoes
themselves with respect to the avant-garde element with the
final track “The Voice (Echo).” Hearing only Hancock’s voice
accompanied by a distant and haunting soundscape, it seems
as if he’s delivering a singing sermon reflecting on all the
imperfections of life and the world we live in. “The (Echo)” is
a reprise back to “…Hope and Pray.” Blue Tree’s music is definitely
not intolerable but we won’t be hearing this on the radio
next month either. However, if you’re looking for something
very unusual to listen to, “Reflections” is recommended.

- Karl Russo