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almost real
beautiful shadow
found (in the city)
palo alto
close the door
your old guitar



Written to a friend who moved to New Mexico .

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can you see the stars tonight?

how do i make this right?

you're so far away

that i couldn't reach for you today.


i keep shooting for the star on the left

but i haven't made it just yet.

with so many words filling up my head

i try to pick myself up off the ground

to find a place and put them all down.


unfinished letters never meant to send

to my enchanted friend.

i stay up late into the night

writing to forget how i felt for you.


a wish from a lost star

woke me up and there you are

to be my spirit guide

and open what was locked from the inside.


did you see the stars tonight

as they fell one by one.

could a few words make it all right

and bridge this distance

between my day and your night.

Words and Music by Lawson Hancock


Blue Tree Music © 2000-04