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Inspired by a singer/songwriter friend who sold me her guitar .

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your old guitar


i was playing your old guitar

wondering where and how you are,

i guess you're still in nashville

trying to fill up those dreams,

the ones we used to talk about

until you'd fall asleep.


green eyes full of stars

you played all the local bars,

while the guys would all sit and stare

saying ‘look at the blonde girl with the long hair'

but your voice they couldn't ignore

you were way more than the girl next door.


i remember when you got the call

from a friend in nashville

who said he found it all,

and i knew you wouldn't stay

you packed a bag one night

and gently slipped away.


you left my blood on the tracks

when you jumped that boxcar heading south,

and there's a stain on my shirt

from where you left the message that said

‘i'm not coming… back.'


so now i play your old guitar

at all the same local bars,

blue eyes full of stars

that keep me from weeping,

wondering where you are.


Words and Music by Lawson Hancock


Blue Tree Music © 2000-04